Tuxedo and Top End Workshops

Tekware provides Tuxedo and Top End Workshops that are solution oriented and draw upon real-world experience to educate your staff. Using real-world scenarios as a basis for training reduces student learning curves and the associated costs. Tekware leverage over 10 years experience providing training for BEA and their customers. Our experience has enabled us to fine-tune our staff and materials in order to provide your staff the best education. As projects and backgrounds of staff and management vary so do Tekware Workshops.

Tekware initially work with you to understand the technical background of those being trained. Following the initial evaluation we then arrange appropriate levels of material to be provided. However in some cases your training needs may be a combination of topics covered in our Workshops. For this reason we allow management to choose from various topics in our Workshops that will best suit your needs for projects at hand. Workshops are available for large groups, however Tekware recommend smaller groups (8-15 Students) where teams can be organized for a better learning environment and better education. Workshops are available worldwide, on and off site.