EAI - Enterprise Application Integration
Oracle Fusion and BEA Top End J2EE EAI Solutions

Tekware integrates Oracle Tuxedo and BEA Top End legacy applications with J2EE web applications following the latest J2EE industry standards.

Once internal Legacy applications are web-enabled to provide new web-services to millions. Tekware integrate mission-critical applications without requiring environment changes, re-writing applications or re-implementing them. Costs associated with traditional integration projects are reduced and in some cases eliminated.

In addition to reducing integration costs, ROI in Tuxedo and Top End systems are maximized as these applications deliver new revenue generating web-services. Tekware integration enables organizations to leverage staff skills with existing middleware and provide a path for quick and seamless J2EE integration. From design to production, back-end to front, Tekware deliver your complete EAI solution.

Tekware also provides WebLogic, Tuxedo and Top End professional services worldwide. For over twenty years Tekware staff have been providing professional services in the Aviation, Banking, Finance, Government, Automotive and Telco industries. In addition to EAI, professional services available from Tekware include mission-critical applications and systems development, systems analysis and performance tuning. Also available from Tekware is architecture design and development.